Cryptoquote Challenge Playing Instructions

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Use the arrow keys to move the yellow cursor to desired box. When on the desired box, use the keyboard letters A-Z to enter a letter. All other boxes with the same encrypted letter will be automatically entered. To clear a box use the |Space| bar.

Using the mouse, click on the desired box to bring up the letter pad. Then move the mouse to the desired letter and release the mouse button. That letter will be entered into the selected box. All other boxes with the same encrypted letter will automatically be entered as well. To clear a box, select |Clear| when the letter pad is up. To see which letters have already been used, press and hold the |CTRL| key while bringing up the letter pad.

if you decide to take a break, remember to save your progress. Earn one coin each time you solve a puzzle, or 2 coins for not making any mistakes.

Click the coin symbol on the main screen to enter the virtual prize gallery. Play the lightning round to win additional coins. Visit our cryptoquote strategies link for help with that.